Workplace safety has the potential to be a critical driver of productivity in the workplace.

Research has depicted positive effect that a safer environment has on workplace productivity.

Critical Analysis in the garment industry brings out the fact that focus on safety has led to increased efficiency, decrease in turnaround time, shorter delivery timeline, smaller lots, frequent change of styles, and cost reduction.

Astounding revelation: Quantifiable impact of Health and Safety measures cover grounds from injuries during operations, fatigue in extreme working environments, accidents in handling hazmat etc.

In a lean manufacturing world at a post pandemic time the health and safety of employees has emerged to be apex importance and it is imperative that the managers are able to provide an environment where human resources are nurtured with utmost care, our teams need to feel that their operational environment will not impact their abilities to live their life and OHS procedures are critical to achieving that.

Lean Safety combined with Empathetic leadership is an effective combination which would allow managers to build superior Health and Safety measures. The 6S (Sort, Set in Order or Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, and Safety) is an effective tool to not only identify and eliminate safety hazards but at the same time leverages state of the art standardised processes that save time and cost. Moreover, it would provide people with a cleaner place to work in with resources readily available, furthering efficiency as a result. Empathetic leadership too will help managers identify areas of weaknesses and improvements as they will be more in tune with their team’s concerns, which in turn will facilitate them to implement more appropriate OHS measures tailored to their necessity.

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